Ten Terrific Frames

Doesn’t it feel fantastic when you find a really simple idea that works brilliantly? The resource I’m excited about is the humble, but powerful, ten frame. My training is always evolving as I research, read and try out new ideas. In recent times I have become more and more focused upon the importance of pattern in underpinning a child’s ability to understand and use number; developing true ‘Number Sense’.  My reading revealed a resource which now dominates my training and one which has completely transformed my understanding of how children can learn a huge number of essential numerical skills including: Seeing and understanding number relationships Noticing how numbers increase and reduce Seeing numbers in numbers (part/part concept) Understanding that numbers within numbers are parts of a whole (part/whole concept – fractions) Working with clear understanding base 10 and place value Calculating efficiently using number facts and relationships Multiplying numbers efficiently Linking spoken, written and pictorial images of number Linking algebraic symbols (+ – = etc.)...Read More >