Downloadable: Set 2 Super Subitising Cards Leaves and Daffodils!


Simply the BEST resource for teaching numbers to young children!

  • Perfect for families to play together and for use in school! 
  • Instantly improves recognition of numbers without counting  (Did you know this was a REALLY important skill to develop as well as counting?)
  • Highly engaging, visual, hands-on resource helping ALL children learn and love maths!
  • Shows children that all numbers are made up of other numbers (an essential skill for adding, subtracting and more!)

Don’t know how to use these brilliant cards yet? See ‘Set 1’ product description (also in shop) for a list of fantastic activities!


A set of 35 beautiful photographic cards of autumn leaves and spring daffodils (28 smaller cards and 7 giant-sized) suitable for printing out or use on an interactive whiteboard.

  • Perfect for families to play together or for use in school! 
  • Show children how much fun they can have learning maths using nature!
  • Interactive, hands-on early maths resource