Downloadable: Set 1 Outdoor ‘Super Subitising’ Picture Cards! (24 card pack)


Improving children’s ability to know ‘how many?’ without counting!

Use these beautiful picture cards to get your children playing with maths and using ‘super subitising’ every day!

Images feature stones, flowers, sticks and other natural materials.

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A brilliant set of colourful picture cards to accompany the popular ‘Super Subitising Practitioner Guidance and Activities’ download (If you haven’t got a copy yet find this in the shop too!)


7 Games to Play with Your New Cards!

  • Print the cards out and chop them up. Turn them face down and take turns flipping them over and back again and seeing if you can say ‘how many’ without counting!
  • Create sets of cards that show the same number
  • Place them face down and take turns in picking up two cards.Can you find pairs of cards that show the same amount?
  • Roll a die and find a card that matches that number.
  • Order the cards from fewest items to most (without counting)
  • Go on a subsisting walk and create your own set of  ‘Super Subitising’ cards!
  • Using the guidance and activities pack, look for ‘numbers in numbers’. How many different numbers can you find in each picture?