Classroom Essential: ‘Maths Tool Box’


A fantastic ‘must have’ resource for every school. Keeps everything in one place! No more searching for the bead strings all over the school (only to find there’s only two available…..)



Tool Box for up to four children working in pairs

A brilliant complete ‘starter’ maths tool box for use with the whole primary range to support learning across the entire mathematics curriculum.

Provides instant access for children at their tables, during carpet sessions and can be taken outside for use in cross-curricular maths learning. Products are stored in high-quality lidded box and easily stacked when not in use. 


Tool Box contains:

1 durable 3.5 litre plastic lidded box

100 genuine ‘unifix’ cubes (in two colours)

2 small storage boxes with extendable lids

2 lidded genuine tailor’s tape measures in lidded boxes (displaying both cm and inches)

2 bead strings (100 beads arranged in groups of 10 white and 10 red, repeating)

2 laminated ‘100’ number lines (to use alongside bead strings)

2 packs of ‘place value’ dice (4 x 2  dice: 2 x units/ones, 2 x tens, 2 x hundreds and 2 x thousands)

2 packs of ‘place value’ cards (units, tens, hundreds and thousands to use with ‘place value’ dice)

1 pack of mixed polyhedral dice (8 dice including 1-6, 1-12, 1-20 in a variety of interesting shapes x 4 of each in two colours)

2 sets of ‘Ten Frame’ cards (creates 20 ten frames or 100 square x 2 )

100 2-colour counters  (currently unavailable – alternative supplier can be advised)


Please note that as P&P is maintained at only £4.50 regardless of the number ordered, the tool boxes are assembled in school. We recommend getting the children involved as this increases both their care for the new resources and excitement to get on and use the contents asap!