Training: Are You Teaching in the Way Children Learn?


Bringing Maths to Life in Key Stage 2

Exciting new locally run training for Key Stage to help you extend approaches such as White Rose, Power Maths etc. by using real-life problem solving, mat

Bringing Number to Life in the EYFS and Key Stage 1

Exciting new locally run training exploring ways to teach maths through stories, learn ‘teen’ numbers’ and beyond and extend schemes such as White Rose!

Bringing Maths to Life! Teaching Problem Solving Across the Curriculum

Maths that everyone will want to learn! Creating engaged, resilient learners using rich and relevant contexts for learning. Training bursting with exciting new ideas!

Mastery in the EYFS and Key Stage 1: Moving From Counting to Calculating

When children continue to count beyond their earliest stages of learning in maths an attainment gap begins to form.  Learn how to teach using subitising, tens frames and early bar modelling to ensure EVERY learner has the opportunity to make great progress.

Teaching for Greater Depth: Improving Reasoning Using Bar Modelling

Are you using this incredibly simple and highly effective tool for transforming understanding and reasoning in maths across your whole school? However, are you, like many schools, having some teething problems and would benefit from some support?

Teaching for Greater Depth: Fractions with Understanding at Key Stage 2

Explore hands on approaches to help children fully understand fractions and can use and apply their skills moving beyond pizza and chocolate! 

Teaching Times Tables: With Meaning and Application

Packed full of ideas and approaches to make sure your children know why times tables are so important and how to generate and use facts fluently and efficiently (in tests and in life!)

Mastery in the EYFS and Year 1 Maths: Building Essential Foundations i

Strong foundations in maths really matter. Find out how you can invest in highly effective ways to improve teacher knowledge and practice; ensuring ALL children have the best possible start to learning mathematics. 

Excellence in the EYFS and Key Stage 1: Teaching Maths Outside!

Bucketfuls of ideas and inspiration for teaching maths in the outdoors for EYFS and Key Stage 1!

EYFS Masterclass: Inspired by Reggio Emilia

Come and learn about the world renowned Early Years practice from the nurseries and pre-schools of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy.

Be prepared to be come away inspired in ways you couldn’t imagine!

Teacher Assistants: Improving Self-Confidence and Core Skills in Maths

A highly practical course for TAs and HLTAs to boost both confidence skill and subject knowledge in maths across the whole primary range. Working to ensure all intervention and support leads to raised self-confidence, independence and progress.

Mastery in the EYFS and Key Stage 1: ‘Teaching Maths Through Stories’

Teach problem solving with greater depth in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 using well-loved, exciting stories including ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and lots more!

Greater Depth at Key Stage 2: Teaching Problem Solving Across the Curriculum at Key Stage 2

Bring maths to life in your classroom! Use meaningful starting points from Science, Geography, D&T and Art to show children why the skills we teach in maths are so applicable in their lives.

Run locally to your school on request

Excellence in EYFS: Creating Young Writers and Mathematicians

Essential training for all EYFS practitioners committed to doing what’s best for children in order to achieve high standards in writing and maths (Contact Karen to run this course locally to you – UK and internat.).

Run locally to your school on request

Essential ‘Growth Mindset’ in Maths for Every Learner

Teachers’ mindset matters. What needs to change in your school to ensure EVERY learner has the greatest opportunity to be successful in maths?

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  • Really useful, thought-provoking training with very clear explanations. Thank you! 


    A Matthews, Year 2 Teacher

  • Fabulous ways of understanding maths and how to make it easier to teach.


    T Hartney, Year 5/6 Teacher

  • Karen's humour, presentation skills, manner and relationship with our staff was wonderful. Practical 'have-a-go' training which really made us think!'    


    S Flaherty, Head Teacher