Prevent ‘Head Spin’!

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The new term has begun. Already it feels like we’ve been back forever.

I have so many good intentions:

  • I will keep my desk tidy
  • I will not procrastinate 
  • I will read more so I learn more
  • I will go home early on a Friday and not think about my job again until Sunday

Our job is hard. It’s also incredibly fulfilling when you feel passionate about how you will grow this year as a professional. So what kinds things can you do to stop your head spinning and put simple systems in place to allow you to switch off when you need to?

Idea 1: Google Keep

There are lots (and I really mean lots) of apps out there that will help you organise your time and tasks more efficiently. I’ve tried many of them over the past few years. I’m still an initial ‘list maker’ (with good old paper and pencil) but then I know I need to organise this and make it more accessible (and less easy to lose).

I think you need to find an app that suits the way you like to think. Some are too ‘wordy’ for me and others, although I write lists, just overwhelm me with everything as they are endless reminders of everything I haven’t done.

The one I’ve stuck with longest and leaves my brain feeling calm as well as engaged is ‘Google Keep‘. This is one of the ever growing suite of apps Google has designed and it works really well for me.

Google Keep is a series of ‘sticky notes’ that can contain images and be tagged in different ways. The images make the notes interesting to engage with and the tags allow you to categorise things into more than one area.  You can ‘pin’ a note which moves it immediately to the top of your board so you’ll always see it fast. There’s also a ‘list’ option on each note so you can reassuringly tick off tasks as you complete them. To organise each area of your life/work, you can create separate files which simply sit down the left of the page and this helps each section stay focused.

Being able to write down what I’m thinking, an idea or an important task I need to complete (and I’m worried I may forget) has definitely allowed me to relax and know I can review things whenever I like and from any device I have. Simple.

More ways to stay inspired and healthy on the way…..

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