Getting Everything ‘Done’

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Teacher Well-Being: Getting Everything ‘Done’

Almost everything about teaching is challenging. Often offering huge rewards but sometimes hugely frustrating. Trying to get everything ‘done’ always was, and still is, one of my greatest mountains to climb.

Almost every teacher I meet is highly conscientious and desperately wants to do everything required of them to make a real difference. But this can lead to many ‘head spinning’ moments and feeling like the plates will come tumbling down at any minute; not the state of mind we need to be in to stay healthy and be good at our jobs.

I’m starting the new year determined to put into practice a few key strategies that I know work for me and I just sometimes forget to use as well as I could. How strange it is with human beings that when we find something that works we so often give up on it so easily?

For ‘to do’ tasks I’m a list maker; it makes me feel better to get everything down on paper as soon as I think about it. I use electronic means too but somehow the act of writing things down really makes me feel better. I do, however, end up with lots of lists and all too often, I lose them.

So, I’m keeping what works and adding in a simple back-up:

On-line Task Manager ‘Todoist’:

There are a lot of ‘list’ apps out there to suit the way you like to work. This one synchronises across all of your devices and allows you to group tasks under headings e.g. ‘Work’, ‘Personal’, ‘Books to

Read’ etc. You can easily prioritise tasks and set deadline and reminders. The app will send you an email each day telling you what’s due (and overdue!). I use it with and without deadlines as I don’t want to feel overwhelmed with tasks. It’s helpful just to know that when I think of something it’s on my list and I can do it when it suits my schedule. I then make my daily handwritten list from my saved ‘Todoist’ list safe in the knowledge that anything I don’t do is still there.

Find ‘Todoist’ at and it’s free to use.

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