Mastery in the EYFS and Year 1 Maths: Building Essential Foundations i


‘Transforming Maths Teaching in the EYFS and Key Stage’ 1:



  • Subitising: What it is and why is is an essential tool in developing ‘concept images’ of number and building fluency in calculation with EVERY child


  • The Magic of Ten Frames (including Numicon): Teaching place value, base ten, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the BEST way I’ve ever come across!


  • Teaching Early Bar Modelling: Why Cuisenaire rods and bar modelling are such wonderfully effective tools to help children make sense of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables, inverse relationships, ’empty place’ calculations and more!

Who is this course suitable for?

Costs for up to 30 delegates start at:


Costs for up to 30 delegates start at:

£325 (+VAT)* for a twilight session

£400 (+VAT)* for a half day 

£650 (+VAT)* for a full day 


Looking to cluster with other schools or host your own conference?

Costs start at £35 (+VAT) per delegate per half day (min. 12 delegates)


*Travel charged at £0.45 ppm 


This exciting training is also available internationally. Contact Karen for more details


COST: £ + VAT | £ + VAT for additional places

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  • Really useful, thought-provoking training with very clear explanations. Thank you! 


    A Matthews, Year 2 Teacher

  • Fabulous ways of understanding maths and how to make it easier to teach.


    T Hartney, Year 5/6 Teacher

  • Karen's humour, presentation skills, manner and relationship with our staff was wonderful. Practical 'have-a-go' training which really made us think!'    


    S Flaherty, Head Teacher