Achieving Maths Mastery?: Building Essential ‘Maths Mindset’ with EVERY learner


What on earth would make someone a non-learner?


‘Babies don’t worry about making mistakes or humiliating themselves. They walk, they fall, they get up…What could put an end to this exuberant learning? The fixed mindset. As soon as children become able to evaluate themselves, some of them become afraid of challenges. They become afraid of not being smart.

I have studied thousands of people from preschoolers on, and it’s breathtaking how many reject an opportunity to learn.’


Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success

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An absolute game-changer! The essential starting point for everyone interested in giving EVERY child the opportunity to learn:


  • Why we need to develop and a ‘Growth Mindset’ in every area of learning: The greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to change the way not only our children feel about themselves as learners, but the way our teachers feel about teaching maths and ultimately the way that society talks about maths.


  • Learn about Prof. Carol Dweck’s and Prof. Jo Boaler’s (Author of ‘The Elephant in the Classroom’) groundbreaking research and its implications for us all when it comes to learning to be great at maths and overcoming widely held beliefs about ‘ability’


  • See how, by changing the way we feel about maths, we open up to new ways of thinking and develop the resilience, curiosity and willingness to be challenged necessary to all great learning.


  • Take away practical, instantly applicable and highly effective practices into the classroom and change children immediately and put them on a new course of learning.

Who is this course suitable for?

Senior leaders looking to inspire and lead whole school improvement in mathematics, class teachers and support staff from across primary and secondary.

Costs for up to 30 delegates from a single school start at:


£400 (+VAT) for a twilight session

£475 (+VAT) for a half day 

£650 (+VAT) for a full day 


Plus expenses (travel and accommodation where needed)


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  • Really useful, thought-provoking training with very clear explanations. Thank you! 


    A Matthews, Year 2 Teacher

  • Fabulous ways of understanding maths and how to make it easier to teach.


    T Hartney, Year 5/6 Teacher

  • Karen's humour, presentation skills, manner and relationship with our staff was wonderful. Practical 'have-a-go' training which really made us think!'    


    S Flaherty, Head Teacher