‘No Marking?’ Better Feedback?

Learning to Catch a Ball: How Effective Feedback Works in Real Life I recently acquired a beautiful rescue puppy. Along with the many new skills I’m now attempting to acquire (some more challenging than others) it’s become very apparent that my ability to throw a ball for him to retrieve needs some significant improvement! This ties in very nicely with an area I’ve become increasingly interested in regarding how we can best use feedback to support progress and, furthermore, reflect upon the dominant role marking currently plays in this process. I recently spent time with an inspirational teacher who has been trialing new approaches to feedback with her Year 2 class and assessing both the benefits to their progress and her daily workload. Our discussions led to me to wonder whether there was a way of simply synthesising what she’d experienced working so successfully and sharing these findings more widely. So, let’s return to my need to improve my throwing...Read More >

Planning using a ‘Maths Sandwich’?

Start the new term with a sandwich; a ‘Maths Sandwich’! The brain learns by forming connections. Successful learning in maths relies upon these connections.   How are you planning to connect what you’re about to teach with what children have learned before and will learn next?   In training I use an approach called ‘The Maths Sandwich’. Instead of going straight into the focused teaching, I aim to create a vital ‘Oh, I get what you mean….but I can’t do that yet’ moment. Adapting these ideas: I’ve worked with all of the ideas below at an age-appropriate level with EYFS to Year 6. The principals of good planning remain the same throughout, particularly in terms of engaging pupils and activating existing knowledge.   I begin my planning journey with the first slice of bread in the ‘Maths Sandwich’. This is the ‘hook‘ or context for the learning. A meaningful problem worthy of my children’s thought and ‘learning stamina’. For example, following all of the recent festivities,...Read More >

My New Book!

August is an exciting month for Karen Wilding Education as my first book is published! The wonderful people at Dorling Kindersley (Penguin Books/Random House Publishing) approached me last autumn to write a book, suitable for an international audience, aimed at parents and teachers of 4-7 year olds to support their children’s learning in all aspects of maths. And so began the mammoth task of condensing the entire curriculum into around 128 pages.      My aim was to create a book that felt different and addressed some of the aspects I felt were missing from similar resources. The first message I wanted to communicate was that children who know maths is all around them and see how maths skills give us control over our lives are far more likely to see the value in studying it! I began by looking at why we need maths and the many examples of mathematics in everyday life.     Next I wanted to...Read More >